Why Google Play Store is a Giant in Android World?

If you’re a smartphone user then it is most likely that you have heard about Google Play Store. Well, Google Play Store serves as an official store for all the Android applications. However, Google Play Store was officially launched as an ‘Android Market’ but it was later changed to Google Play Store. There are currently more than 3 million applications on the Google Play Store and those applications generate billions of downloads every year. If you compare the amount of downloads Google Play Store generates with any other ‘application store’ on any platform; Google Play Store stands above all with more than double of downloads Apple Application Store generates. There is no doubt that Google Play Store is a force to be reckon with in Android world.

Thousands of Android Developers upload their applications on the store in hopes and dreams of success. However, Google Play Store is not the only application store on Android, there are various other stores out there but none of them provide as much safety and reliability as Google Play Store provides. Google Play Store has covered all the aspects of the Android Applications; in terms of Music, Books, Self-help, and overall entertainment. However, what makes Google Play Store stand out above all as compared to the other counterparts in the market? Well, for starters, it is more about the ‘Choice’ and ‘Reliability’ that Android users seek most, and Google Play Store has done a remarkable job in those departments. You have a whole new spectrum applications that you can choose from, it creates more rooms for the developers to try out their creativity.

As a result, users get to enjoy the competitiveness and innovation in this ever-so-changing world of Android development. One thing that makes Google Play Store stand out as compared to any other application store is that 98% of applications that are available on Google Play Store are free,users can enjoy their favorite applications with spending a single penny. Google Play Store has certainly set the standards way up high for anyone to reach in this race of technological advancement. When Google Play Store initially started out, there were only total of 14 applications available for users to download, whereas, if you count the number of available applications on Google Play Store; you would get a number way higher than 3 million.

Google Play Store has completely eliminated the competition for Android Application Stores, as they certainly excel in what they do and they are currently working day and night to improve the performance of their wonderful Android Store. Without a doubt, if you are an Android phone user then Google Play Store is your primary source of Android applications, since nothing stands even close to the level of choice and reliability when it comes to comparing it with the giant Google Play Store has become.

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