Please read most asked questions bellow. We will explain how developers can get more downloads and how our system working.

Our app is reward type app. Right now we have about 10.000 downloads in Google Play store. It’s really good way boost your app downloads! Just real peoples using this application. If it’s good app user will use app and longer.

100 % correct. It can’t be robot or another illegal activity. Our application giving points when user installing app, not just pressing on link. System checking or your com.devteam.appname is in system. And just after successful install user will be rewarded.

After successful payment you will be awarded some quantity of points. It’s like budget. One download cost example 10 points. So, if your budget is 100 points you can get 10 downloads from Tier1 countries.

You can add apps just if they exists on Google Play store!

All clients application to download is ordered by points. Client who will pay 10 points for downloads will be higher which is paying just 5 points. So, you need pay more points per download if you wanna get fast results.

No. We have made 248 countries list which is divided into five tiers. First tier will get 100% of your points. And last tier will get just 20% of your points. So, sometimes you will get more downloads for you budget if users from Tier4-Tier5 download more your app. We will trying get to our app just Tier1-Tier2 countries users. All list of countries you will see after purchase. We don’t wanna show this to prevent hacking.

If you set 10 points for download its mean: Tier1 country this download earn 10points, Tier2 8points, Tier3 6points, Tier4 4points, Tier5 2points.

Right now you can’t do this, but we are working on this.

Yes, invoice is attached in *.pdf format after payment. Please write correct billing information. You can download invoice in “my account” menu.

We are using all popular  payment methods:

  • Paysera
  • Stripe
  • Paypal

We are working on crypto currency payment possibilities. Or you can order our offers directly on Fiverr. Please contact us before.

You will get about 80% value spend to download. If you order 10 USD you will get 820 pts. It’s because we have maintenance fee, payment fee, support team. On bigger orders you will get more points in percentage.

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