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uoutube views is very good services for promoting video clip. Do you have Youtube channel and wanna him monetize? You must earn watch time and subscribers. So, this services is for viewing time.

Your video length must be <2 minutes. User will be awarded for watching your clip 2 points for 2 minutes. If you wanna add clip with more length, you need add more points.

If you have good content some of our users will likes your content! Maybe even can some of them subscribe to your channel! We are using just real users with android devices.


How to get YouTube views for Monetization?

Every now and then, you might have come across teenagers that are playing video games on YouTube and still making a significant amount of cash in return. Well, YouTube monetization is certainly fruitful for those that are willing to stick to it amd provide quality content to their viewers. However, when it comes to getting views of YouTube; having the ‘quality content’ isn’t always sufficient to get the views. You need something more than that. YouTube is a free platform, where anyone can upload or watch a video, it has certainly gained a significant amount of viewership which as a result has gotten over billions of views. If you are new to YouTube and you want to make videos while getting paid for it then you need to understand how YouTube works.
YouTube offers their users a unique experience of doing what they love while making getting paid for it with the help of their monetization program. YouTube doesn’t offer their monetization services to everyone, they follow the guidelines that encompasses a certain threshold of viewers/subscribers. It certainly becomes a handful when you are focusing on making videos but you simply don’t have time to promote your videos in order to gain views. This is where Pjani comes in; if you don’t know about Pjani then you have come to the right place. You can kiss those days goodbye when you had to promote your videos to your friends and family in order to get views. Pjani provides great services of getting more views on your YouTube videos so that you can be eligible for the monetization program. It can be a hefty task to gain viewers in the beginning and the viewership seems to be declining every day. You can simply use the services of Pjani to get a head-start in the YouTube race. If you’re worried about the legal aspects of getting views through Pjani then you don’t have to worry about a thing since Pjani’s system utilizes an organic method of getting more views on YouTube.
You don’t have to baffle over getting the views in the beginning anymore. Pjani has currently thousands of active users that are taking advantage of their great services. No one makes it as simple as Pjani, now you can focus on the other aspects of your business and leave the rest in hands of Pjani. If you’re still not convinced about getting Pjani, then do yourself a favor amd head over to their website and read the awesome reviews that are left by their satisfied customers. You can also download Pjani’s app to avail their services that includes promotion of Android applications, getting views on your website, getting views on YouTube and much more.

Increase watch time
users from phone watch your video till end!

Road to monetize

If you need watching time on your video channel this is for you!
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Big orders

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Did you know?

We are taking just small amount of money in order. For our support team, maintenance fees. All points going to users.

Don’t put same app for simple installs and keyword installs. Because if user have installed your app in phone, he can get reward and for second install.

Because we are offering real human traffic to your app, you can get real clients too. If your app is really good, some of users can leave your app in phone.

Choose your best plan
Please fill your balance with optimal amount of your budget
*limited time with promo code
Total points: 3500
Settings panel
Installs 23-117
Visits 1750
Point price: 0.00143$
Notification about your deal
Priority class support
42500 pnt.
Points are added automatically
Settings panel
Installs 283-1417
Visits 21250
Point price: 0.00118$
Notification about your deal
Priority class support
The best way to test
90000 pnt.
Points are added automatically
Settings panel
Installs 600 – 3000
Visits 45000
Point price: 0.00111$
Notification about your deal
Priority class support
480000 pnt.
Points are added automatically
Settings panel
Installs 3200 – 16000
Visits 240000
Point price: 0.00104$
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