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e will bring to your website users, who using mobile phone. They will stay at your website 60 seconds. No bounce, because they stay here for long time. This is simple services.


How get more visitor to your website?

If you have recently launched your website, and now you’re thinking; Now what? Well, it is much easier to start a website, but it is way more difficult to maintain the website. That includes getting more views on your website and making a significant user base. If you look on the internet, you will notice a great deal of methods being discussed in detail on how to grow your audience with organic traffic? Well, this where most website developers fall behind, they don’t utilize the benefits of SEO to gain a significant amount of views. If you don’t know much about SEO than you have come to the right place. SEO can be described in simple terms, it is basically optimizing your content in such a way that whenever someone types something that is related to your niche on the Search Engine, and your website shows up in the search results.
There are many businesses on the internet that are claiming to bring more visitors to your website. However, you shouldn’t fall for these claims. When it comes to bringing visitors to your website; no one does it better than Pjani. If it’s your first hearing about Pjani then brace yourself because Pjani is going to find a way to your heart and it will help you get more views on your website. Pjani has been currently working with numerous high-traffic websites in order to promote their website on the internet. It is understandable that if you don’t have much time to grow your audience because you’re working in a different department. Then why would you let your hardwork go into vain? Let the experts handle the dirty business for you. Pjani is renowned for their great services of providing more visitors to your websites, and as a result, they have built a significant user base that expands to thousands of people. Pjani has a team of hardworking experts that are working day and night to provide the best services to their customers.
If you’re currently banging your head over the low number of visitors on your website then why do you have to worry about anything? Because Pjani is here to help. If you want to learn more about Pjani and what other great services they provide then you don’t have to look anywhere else, just simply head over to the official website of Pjani and you will find all the details on there. You can also download their Pjani application that will give you an idea of how their system works. Gone are the days when you had to lose your sleep over promoting your website because Pjani is here to provide you just that. Pjani uses an organic method to grow your audience within the matter of weeks. You can check out the reviews of the satisfied customers of Pjani that are serving as the pillar for the high standards of professionalism that you can expect from Pjani.

No Bounce
Users will stay in your app 60 seconds, so no bounce ratio.

More Visitors

This is like advertise. You will get real users to your website.
Fast support

24/7 working support. If you have problems, we will solve it.


We are accepting all popular payments platforms.


Application have nice and smooth design and interesting concept.

Good price

We have really good prices for our services


Application is protected from hackers, so your points is save!

Big orders

We can provide and big orders, please contact before.

Did you know?

We are taking just small amount of money in order. For our support team, maintenance fees. All points going to users.

Don’t put same app for simple installs and keyword installs. Because if user have installed your app in phone, he can get reward and for second install.

Because we are offering real human traffic to your app, you can get real clients too. If your app is really good, some of users can leave your app in phone.

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Total points: 3500
Settings panel
Installs 23-117
Visits 1750
Point price: 0.00143$
Notification about your deal
Priority class support
42500 pnt.
Points are added automatically
Settings panel
Installs 283-1417
Visits 21250
Point price: 0.00118$
Notification about your deal
Priority class support
The best way to test
90000 pnt.
Points are added automatically
Settings panel
Installs 600 – 3000
Visits 45000
Point price: 0.00111$
Notification about your deal
Priority class support
480000 pnt.
Points are added automatically
Settings panel
Installs 3200 – 16000
Visits 240000
Point price: 0.00104$
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Priority class support
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