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ight now our application have 10.000 downloads and about >1000 active users. We are offering simple Android app installations. It’s mean, you need give your app package name, logo, title. And user will be redirected directly to your app link. And app will be installed from store into users phone.

So, it’s mean you need have uploaded application in Google Play store. Right now we are supporting just this market. Our application automatically detect if app is installed into phone. You really easily can increase download numbers with our Pjani application!

For simple installs and keyword installs we have redemption options. It’s mean, you can choose how much days user must keep application in phone. without deleting it! It is cool? It’s mean user installing your app and keeping it for 7 days. Google really like it, because app stay in users phones for 7 days or even more!


How to master the Art of Keyword Installation on Google Play Store

More than half of the world’s population is using Android in their smartphones. According to a survey, it was estimated that over 67% of the entire world’s smartphones are being run on Android. What makes android so popular? Well, Android is a versatile platform that offers something for everybody, from books to essentials tools, you will find it all on the Google Play Store. If you look at the numbers, Google Play Store currently has over 4 million applications. It is nearly impossible to make your android application stand-out when it is in the crowd of 4 million other applications. This is where ASO comes in. If you are a novice android developer and you want to learn how ASO works then you don’t have to go anywhere because we have everything right here.

How ASO Works:

ASO is short for Application Store Optimization. It works the same way as SEO but only for android application. It is absolutely crucial to utilize ASO to your advantage; otherwise, you are only going to face defeat in your endeavors. Google Play Store utilizes a system called Google Index. What does it do? To make things simpler, the Google Index contains all the valuable keywords that are people searching in order to land on an application. You can use those keywords for your benefit and start building an audience. It is essential to have a target audience because it makes things much easier. You only have to worry about penetrating the market of your target audience other than all-of-the-market. For example, if you are running an application on “Moroccan Food”, you need to check your competitors and see what sort of strategies they are implementing to thrive in the market. You can always use their strategies to your advantage and start building a sizable audience.

Make Use of Title, Description, and Icon:

Once you have the relevant keywords that are people searching to land on similar applications, you need to make use of the Title of your application on the Play Store. Google Play Store currently offers 85 characters for the title of your application. Use those keywords in your Title, so that whenever someone searches those keywords; your application will certainly be in the list of search results. Similarly, there is plenty of space in the Description to use those keywords. Make sure your description is concise and comprehensive, so that your users would know exactly what they can expect. However, Google discourages the practice of black-ASO. It just means that you are spamming those keywords in your Title and Description. Try to avoid to that and make sure you are using those keywords in an organic manner that doesn’t make it seem like your Title and Description is spammed with the keywords to generate downloads. It can be difficult in the beginning but once you get the hang of it, you are pretty much set for success.

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24/7 working support. If you have problems, we will solve it.


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Big orders

We can provide and big orders, please contact before.

Did you know?

We are taking just small amount of money in order. For our support team, maintenance fees. All points going to users.

Don’t put same app for simple installs and keyword installs. Because if user have installed your app in phone, he can get reward and for second install.

Because we are offering real human traffic to your app, you can get real clients too. If your app is really good, some of users can leave your app in phone.

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