Why Google Play Store generates more downloads but don’t make as much as Apple Store?

There is no doubt that Google has emerged as a big giant in the market of smartphones. It hasn’t been long since Android Market has merged with Google Play Store, after that, Google has been giving and just keep on giving; from unlimited entertainment to listening/reading to Books; Google Play Store has it all. One interesting thing that is to be noted is that when Android Market started out, they only had 12 applications for their users to try. However, if you count the applications today; they would wind up to more than 3 million. Well, it shouldn’t be surprising since more than half of the world uses Android. In the recent survey, it was concluded that more than 66% of the smartphone users are using Android. Since, more people are using it, hence, it would open more rooms for the Android Developers and overall availability of applications from the user perspective. However, if you count the revenue generated with those over 3 million application on Google Play Store; it still wouldn’t be equal to the money Apple Store generates.

Android and Apple store

Android takes the 70% of the market in terms of generating download, leaving only 30% of the other platforms. However, it still doesn’t make as much money as the Apple Store. There are various reasons for that; primarily Googe Play Store has a wide array of free applications for their users. From the user perspective, it’s certainly a step in the right direction; you can just get most of the applications from the Play Store without spending a single dime. Another primary reason of Google Play Store generating more downloads but less money than Apple Store is that most of the downloads actually come from the Asian-Pacific regions. If you look at the amount of downloads from Asian-Pacific region; you would notice that they are more than the Americas itself. However, Apple Store on the other hand provides more paid applications; users have to spend real money to install their favorite applications from Apple Store, while Google Play Store offers more user and wallet friendly environment for their users. Furthermore, Android games have been getting more and more popular every day, and has made over 30 billion USD; more than have of which was spent on videogames.

From the business perspective, it is now a great time to develop an Android games; sine the market for that is always flourishing. However, it is more likely that the amount of cash spent on games would increase and would be in the contrast with the amount of money Apple Store makes. Apple Store on the other hand is more popular in the Americas and has been making more and more money with way less downloads. It is certainly fascinating to see the battle of the two biggest giants in the revolution of the mobile phone market.

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