It does not come as a surprise that Android is the highest-ranked operating system in the entire world. If you sum up all the phones in the world; more than half of them would be Android. What makes Android so popular? Well, for starters; it’s due to the ideal user interface and applications. If you are an Android developer and looking for a way to achieve a great number of a user following along with the monetary gains; then Android is the right platform for you to avail of the opportunity. However, when it comes to Android Development, most people neglect the marketing aspect of development. After all, you can’t blame them; they are developers/programmers and not marketers. If you have already developed an application or you’re in the process of creating an application, and you want to promote your application, then you have come to the right place. We have compiled a list of some of the popular ways to promote your Android Application.


Play Store Optimization:
Just like a website needs to have SEO; it goes the same with the Android Applications. At first, it might seem like a hefty task, however, once you get the hang of it; it’d be certainly fruitful. Google has an index called ‘Google App Indexing’ and it features all the relevant applications in the list, based on the ‘keywords’ that were used to get to the page. How do I make my application show up in the Google Index? Well, you must be optimizing your application in such a way that it shows as relevant for those that are searching. You need to do a little bit of homework beforehand, such as using the relevant keywords in the description. For example, if you are running an application for an Italian Restaurant then you have to cross-check the relevant keywords that your target audience is searching and use those keywords in your description. Once you start ranking in the Google Index; you’d be getting a fair amount of clicks on a daily basis.

Make The Feedback Channel More Accessible:
Marketing is a two-way street; Supply & Demand. If you are not even sure what your audience is demanding, then how are you expected to supply them? This is why it is always essential to have a Feedback Channel that would provide you with the insight of the user demand. This is exactly why Abraham Lincoln used to have all the opposer in his cabinet; to provide him with a different perspective of the situation. It will also create confidence among your users that you are here to build a great relationship with them.

Using Social Media Marketing To The Maximum Potential:
If you are an avid user of Social Media giants, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc; then you might have noticed some ads popping up in your newsfeed. You can use those ads to your advantage; however, you don’t have to throw your money blindly on those ads because that wouldn’t give you the same results as you wanted. It is essential to create a strategy beforehand, and your prime focus should be on providing quality, but not the quantity. Once you have created a successful campaign on social media; you’d be surprised to receive such a loyal user base.

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